CI5X Series Impact Crusher

CI5X Series Impact Crusher

High-efficiency Soft Rock Processing Equipment

To satisfy users’ requirements for high profits, low costs, and energy saving and to overcome the shortcomings of conventional crushing equipment such as complex operation procedures and low crushing efficiency.

Zenith as a world-class supplier of crushing equipment used in mines, according to the feedback from used in more than 160 countries as well as its experience in engineering application and talking into consideration of the latest science research achievements, has developed the new generation of high-efficiency coarse and medium-fine crushing equipment-CI5X impact crushers. They are ideal upgrade of conventional crushing equipment.

CI5X Impact Crusher Working Features

In respect of coarse or medium-fine crushing of soft rocks, CI5X series impact crushers represent the most advanced crushing workmanship and technology currently in the word. Successful integrated application of such latest scientific research achievements as great-rotation-inertia high-precision rotor, multi-functional fully-hydraulic operating system, and high-efficient involute-shaped crushing chamber, in conjunction with correct with higher crushing efficiency, higher reliability, and greater easiness of maintenance and operation as compared with conventional crushing equipment.

In short, high0efficiency crushing workmanship plus ergonomic design enable CI5X impact crusher to adapt to various crushing conditions and meet users’ needs. They are high-efficiency solutions and can help users maximize returns on investment.

CI5X Impact Crusher With High Standard Raw Materials

Compared to conventional crushing equipment, CI5X impact crusher present higher reliability, safety, and strength as they are designed with computer-aided finite element design software ANSYS, and fabricated with materials of first class quality. The crusher maintenance costs are greatly reduced with the service life extended.

  1. Lightweight Frame

    Optimized structurally, fabricated with quality steel, and machined integrally, the frame is of high strength, compact, light, and easier to transport and install.

  2. High-precision Shaft

    Forged with quality steel, machined high accurately, and supported by high quality bearing, the shaft is capable of operating very steadily even under harsh conditio

  3. High-strength Impact Rack

    Highly wear-resistant impact blocks are fixed by large-diameter bolts to the machined faces of high-strength steel welded impact racks, producing high integral strength and effectively avoiding accidental detachment of impact blocks during operation.

  4. Highly Wear-resistant Hammer Bar

    Both the hammer bars and liner plates are made of highly wear-resistant steel, with service life greatly prolonged. The hammer bars more accurately machined are securely fixed by special wedge-shaped blocks to the rotor. The hammer bars are so designed that these can be reused by repositioning after one face wears out, with the utilization ratio increased.

Overall Dimensions

Machine Model Overall Dimensions
CI5X1315 920 2880 3265 1296 935 2060 3058 2250 2755
CI5X1520 1115 3390 3767 1317 995 2790 3480 2646 3475
CI5X1415 615 2995 3395 1430 1330 3090 3610 2450 2790
CI5X1620 855 3585 3940 1780 1640 3720 4405 2900 3605
CI5X2023 1460 4890 5040 2455 1925 4765 5710 3880 4330

Technical Information

Model Rotor Spec (mm) Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding Size(mm) Recommended Feeding(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
CI5X1315 1300*1500 1540*930 600 ≤300 250-350 250-315
CI5X1520 1500*2000 2040*995 700 ≤350 400-600 400-500
CI5X1415 1400*1500 1540*1320 900 ≤600 350-550 250-315
CI5X1620 1600*2000 2040*1630 1100 ≤700 500-900 400-500
CI5X2030 2000*2300 2400*1920 1300 ≤800 1200-2000 1000-1200