Alumina Silicate Grinding Mill

Alumina Silicate Application Introduction

The alumina silicate will be used in glass, ceramics, pigment and paint filler and it is the ideal substitute for coating of titanium dioxide and high-quality kaolin, cooperate with pigments are widely used in paint, leather, printing, dyeing, printing ink, paper, plastic, rubber, etc.

Besides, it can be used to produce high temperature resistant insulation fireproof heat insulation cotton, plate, tube, blanket, fireproof and heat insulation cloth, high temperature resistant paper, refractory insulation rope, belt, fire insulation acupuncture blanket (jilt silk, injection), brick, inorganic fireproof decorative board. Used as adhesive and sealant filling agent, can improve the hardness, whiteness, abrasion resistance, weather ability, and storage stability.

3.5-10tph Alumina Silicate MTW110 Grinding Mill for Sale

As a professional manufacturer of mineral ore grinding mill machine in China, Zenith can provide the advanced and various kinds of grinding mill to meet clients' requirements. Of them, the MTW110 series grinding mill machine for sale will be the suitable machine for alumina silicate grinding plant. This machine can realize the grinding capacity of 3.5-10tph. Compared with other grinding mill, it has larger capacity. The final products of alumina silicate powder fineness will be 1.6-0.045mm and it can reach to 0.038mm.

Alumina Silicate Grinding Mill Customer Benefits

Depending on the worldwide clients' feedback, Zenith's MTW110 grinding mill will bring the following benefits for customers in the actual production line:

  • In the same situation of final end product size and power, Zenith's MTW110 grinding mill will have one time output than other grinding mill;
  • It has longer service lifetime of the wear parts. Grinding roller and grinding ring forging adopts the special material, so that the durability is greatly increased. Under the condition of the same material and finished product fineness, alumina silicate grinding mill the vulnerable parts of impact crusher and turbine crusher parts, 2 to 3 times longer service life, general can reach more than a year;
  • It has finer end products. By means of this grinding machining of alumina silicate powder product fineness of one-time can achieve D97≤5 microns or less.

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