Magnetic Separators From Slag

Magnetic Separators From Slag Introduction

The magnetic separators from slag can be divided into two kinds of machines: dry magnetic separator and wet magnetic separator. When you process different materials, it will need the suitable machine to choose the most suitable one. The CTL series dry magnetic separator and CT series wet magnetic separator are the separating machines from Zenith. Both of them are sold with high quality and advanced technology.

magnetic separators from slag

Slag has wide application in modern industry. When process the Slag material, it will need the crusher machine, grinding mill and the beneficiation machine. All of these machines are available in Zenith. In the beneficiation machine, the magnetic separator is the important one. The magnetic separator from slag will separate the useful minerals and gangue minerals, and make all kinds of useful mineral symbiosis as separate as possible, to remove or reduce the harmful impurities, or other industrial raw materials needed for smelting process.

Magnetic separators from slag separator has good separation effect, high grade ascending, high recovery rate and so on. The internal magnetic system adopts the Rb material and it has unstable magnetic demagnetization. Zenith researches this CTL magnetic separator has been through the national quality system certification.

magnetic separators from slag for Sale Price

This kind of magnetic separators from slag for sale will be with reasonable price and high quality. If you need this machine, you can directly contact our online workers. Zenith has a fully equipped laboratory. We can recommend the most suitable equipment for our customers according to the requirements of the customer different mineral, different mineral beneficiation process design. Besides these, Zenith also provides the ore sample analysis – process recommended – production equipment selection – debugging – after sale service mining equipment. Welcome to visit Zenith.

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