High Output Celestite Ore Used Grinding Mill

Celestite Ore Application

Celestite ore is mainly used for processing into strontium carbonate and nitrates. More than 90% of them are used for production of strontium carbonate. Its main application is used to produce the color TV picture tube screen glass. It is because the strontium can absorb x-rays. And then it can be used in the manufacture of special glass and it can also be used for smelting lead remover. Strontium nitrate is red fireworks and flares of colorants. A tiny amount of strontium compounds used in grease, ceramic glaze and drugs. High grade celestitie ore will be processed through simple processing and they can be sold in block or powder size.

Celestite Ore Used MTW Series Grinding Mill For Sale

The MTW215 series trapezium grinding mill from Zenith belongs to the high output grinding mill machine among the advanced milling machines. Its output will be 30-45tph. This capacity belongs to the high one among the grinding machines. This mill machine has five ring rollers and its max feeding size will be less 50mm. In the actual production line, it can control the final products size and it is with wide grinding application. Equipped with the special dust-remover, it is environment friendly in the celestite ore production line.

30-45tph MTW215 Grinding Mill Customer Benefits

This celestite ore used grinding mill machine for sale from Zenith is high efficient processing equipment. It has excellent production advantages. With great grinding force, it is energy saving and high efficient, simple operation and low costs machine. It can bring large production motion for customers.

With obvious technical advantages, it will need less investment costs compared with the large scale processing machines. It will save almost half money for customers. With high production profits, it is with low energy consumption in the actual production line. Designed with special technology, it will save a lot of energy and save a part of the operation costs.

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