Iron Ore Crusher Machine

Iron Ore Crusher Machine in India

Iron ore is the important raw material for steel production industry in India. Natural iron ore will be processed to get iron through crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation and gravity separation. In these processes, crushing occupies large content. If the iron ore does not get good crushing, it cannot have the next production steps. Therefore, the efficient 150tph iron ore crusher for sale from Zenith is special designed for iron ore crusher machine.

iron ore jaw crusher machine for Sale

To process the iron ore in India, Zenith's HJ98 jaw crusher machine can meet the 150tph production requirements. This machine will process the iron ore materials 650×980mm. Its max feeding material size will be 560mm and the discharging opening size will be 75-175mm and it can meet the next iron ore grinding production requirements. In the actual production line, its capacity will be 110-350tph.

Iron Ore Crusher Machine Working Performance:

Depending on clients' feedback, we can find that this efficient 150tph HJ98 jaw crusher machine used in India iron ore mining site has the following advantages:

  1. High working performance: this iron ore crusher machine has large output and it has optimized the moving jaw movement circle and the crushing cavity. It will be the best state to process the iron ore raw materials.
  2. Good stability. Through optimizing the whole structure and bob-weight part, it can ensure the fly-wheel and water wheel structure and weight. It has improved technology on the vibrating factors. Compared with the same specification jaw crusher machine, it has higher stability.
  3. High reliable. Through the heating processing, this machine is durable and it is more reliable to use.

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