Nickel Ore Processing Flotation Machine

Nickel Ore Flotation Machine Structure

Nickel will be got from the nickel ore materials. The raw nickel ore materials will be processed into clean end products. In the whole production line, the flotation machine will be used to get the desired final products.

The flotation machine used in nickel ore production line is composed with impeller, cover plate, spindle, central tube, tub etc. The impeller is installed on the girder of the tub, driven by motor through the v belt. The machine structure characteristics for impeller is composed of closed double truncated cone, can produce strong under the pulp cycle. The machine also can be equipped with pulp automatic control device to adjust the liquid level.

Flotation Machine Used To Get Clean Nickel Ore Material

The flotation machine is suitable for ferrous metals, non-metallic, such as coal, fluorite, and talc can also be used for, and the more widely used in the gold, silver, copper, iron, tungsten, lead, zinc, tin, molybdenum, nickel, tantalum, niobium, non-ferrous metals such as manganese ore, coal, and can also be used for roughing and select black metal and nonmetal. It will be the most suitable machine to get clean nickel ore materials.

Flotation Machine Advantages

This nickel ore flotation machine is welcomed and popular for its high quality reasonable price and its advantages: it has large inspiratory capacity, low power consumption; Each tank with suction, suction pulp and flotation triple function, claims to flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, the level of equipment, ease of process changes. Pulp cycle reasonably, which can minimize coarse sand deposits. It is equipped with pulp surface control and electric control device, convenient adjustment.

Flotation Machine Manufacturer

If you are interested in our nickel ore flotation machine, you can send your specific production requirements to Zenith (professional manufacturer) and we will provide the suitable machine for you all.

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