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Stone Crusher Plant Types

There are large variations in the types of stone crusher for choice depending on geographical locations, type of demand for crushed products, closeness to urban areas, type of raw material, availability of plant and machinery locally etc.

Small Stone Crusher

Typically the stone crushers with a production capacity ranging from 3 to 25 TPH. This category crusher have only one jaw crusher used as primary or secondary impact crusher along with one or maximum two screens.

Medium Size Stone Crusher

Typically the crushers having more than one crusher i.e. one primary and one secondary or one or two primary and two secondary crushers along with one or more vibratory screens are categorized as medium size crushers. Medium size stone crushers will have a production capacity in the range of 25 - 100 TPH.

Stone Crushing Process

The overall stone crushing process will involve, as is the standard case, the following processing units


  • Primary crushing through a jaw crusher
  • Secondary crushing through a cone crusher
  • Tertiary crusing through a cone crusher
  • Quaternary crushing through an impact crusher
  • Finally a sieving process

10Tph Stone Crusher Plant

Various types of crushers are used in the stone crushing industry such as jaw crushers, roller crushers, cone crushers, impact crusher etc. Generally, only jaw crushers are used as primary crushers. For secondary and tertiary crushing application either of jaw, cone, roller, impactor crushers are used.

There are many scale scale or temporary crushing projects for quarrying, mining, construction, recycling applications. They can't afford huge investment for large scale crushing plant. Small rock crushing machine with low price and excellent performance is good choice. The capacity ranges from 10 tph to 100tph. If you want to know 10tph stone crushing plant price, or any other information. Please contact us.