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Real Estate Industry Drives The Development of Sandstone Equipment

The continuous warming of the construction and real estate industry has promoted the development of the sand production line, because sand and stone is known as the rice of the construction industry, all buildings need sand and stone aggregate, and the irreplaceability of sand and stone aggregate promotes the price of sand and stone rising constantly. More and more people choose to invest in sandstone production industry.


Sandstone production equipment is the general name of a set of sand making equipment, which is formed by a series of equipment combinations. It can be configured according to different requirements. It includes crusher, sand machine, belt conveyor, fine crusher and other equipment. The construction plant is usually located in the place where stone resources are abundant. Because the noise of sand production line is high after operation, and the current technology level can not effectively improve it, the sand production line should be as far away from the residential area as possible. Effective measures should also be taken to protect the froth dust produced in the sand making process.

After continuous development and practice certification, sand production line equipment has become an indispensable equipment in China's highway, engineering construction industry and processing and manufacturing industry. The crusher of sand and stone production line equipment is more delicate, which facilitates the separation of minerals, reduces the waste of mineral raw materials, can separate sand and stone to a greater extent, and the separation of sand and stone ore impurities is less, purity is high, and the screening cost of separation is saved. The higher the purity of the placer, the higher the quality of the produced sand.