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How To Clean The Vertical Mill Effectively

Before cleaning, we need to understand the purpose, so that we can better carry out the work. There are two purposes of vertical mill cleaning, which is convenient for inspection and classification, and for mastering the wear rule of vertical mill parts; it can improve the assembly quality of vertical mill, reduce the friction and wear of moving parts, and extend the service life of parts.

1.When cleaning its parts, in order to damage the use performance of the vertical mill parts as little as possible and improve the cleaning quality and efficiency, the specific operation should be based on some precautions when cleaning the parts, because this can not only improve the cleaning efficiency, but also improve the cleaning effect.

2. Prevent the parts of vertical mill from corrosion. Bearing holes, smooth surfaces, gear teeth, radiators, etc. will be pitted or corroded due to long-term moisture or corrosive solvent during cleaning. During cleaning, the cleaning agent shall be selected reasonably. The cleaned vertical mill parts shall be dried with compressed air, and anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation measures shall be taken. This can improve the cleaning effect obviously.

3. It is necessary to avoid the collision and scratch of the parts of the grinder. Parts shall be handled with care and arranged in order during cleaning, and shall not be stacked as much as possible. When you need to manually remove the secret carbon of the piston, nozzle, cylinder, etc., you need to use special tools. In this way, the use effect of the parts of the vertical mill can be better.

It is the premise of cleaning to prevent fire, poisoning and corrosion of human body and avoid environmental pollution. Pay attention to this point when cleaning the pulverizer