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Introduction Of Coal Mill Of Vertical Mill

In the industrial grinding production equipment, there are not many kinds of equipment that can be used for pulverized coal grinding. In general, there are the following equipment: vertical mill, micro powder mill and Medium Speed Trapezoidal mill. Because in many industrial production, the general user generally uses the vertical mill to produce pulverized coal. Therefore, this paper aims at the reason why this product can be used for pulverized coal grinding And safety production knowledge of coal powder.

To understand the grinding safety of coal powder, we must first understand some knowledge of coal powder. First of all, in industrial production, the fineness of pulverized coal is generally required to be greater than zero microns but less than 1000 microns. If the above range is regarded as a normal distribution range, the common distribution range is between 20 microns and 50 microns. Secondly, coal belongs to the category of class B fire dangerous goods, which is a combustible material, and after grinding The obtained pulverized coal powder material also has certain explosiveness, so the user should pay attention to safety in pulverized coal grinding; the ignition point of coal is roughly between three Baidu and five hundred degrees, so in the air or in the grinding production system, the user should pay special attention to the high and low temperature.

With the above knowledge of pulverized coal, we can understand why the vertical mill can be used for grinding pulverized coal. The reason why the vertical pulverizer is used for grinding the pulverized coal is as follows: first, the vertical pulverizer is equipped with an explosion-proof valve. When the pressure in the system exceeds a certain value, the explosion-proof valve will be crushed and broken, so as to avoid the occurrence of serious danger; second, when the vertical pulverizer is used for grinding production, the system will be equipped with a hot blast furnace, the role of which is powder The other is to provide high temperature for the system. This high temperature is the flue gas obtained by fuel combustion, so the oxygen content in the flue gas is relatively low, so the combustion of coal is avoided again.