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Iron Concentration Machine Manufacturer

After iron ore has been mined from the earth and separated into pure iron ore, the actual iron must still be extracted. There are many different types of machines involved in iron ore extraction and concentration process.

Zenith is global iron concentration machine manufacturer of supplier. Based on world leading technology, we developed complete range of iron concentration machine for sale, including iron crushing plant, iron grinding mill, jigging machine, gravity separator, magnetic separation plant, flotation machine etc.

Zenith experts customize iron processing solution according to specific requirements. No matter you need a single machine, or a complete production line, we will provide you best service. Please chat online with us for more information.


Jigging machines for iron concentration offer a cost-effective solution to separating valuable products fromwaste material, processing and upgrading iron ores to effectively produce clean, saleableproducts. Jigging machine has unique features for processing lumpy and fine iron ore.

Dense Media Separation

Widely used and proven in the diamond and coal industries, Bateman’s DMS plants are also highly effective for iron ore concentration. Dense medium separation can be performed with a variety of mediums. These include, organic liquids, aqueous solutions, suspensions in water and suspensions in air.

Gravity Separation

Gravity separation using a variety of settlers, tables and spiral concentrators. Gravity concentration is used to suspend and transport lighter gangue (nonmetallic or nonvaluable rock) away from the heavier valuable mineral. This separation process is based primarily on differences in the specific gravities of the materials and the size of the particles being separated.

Magnetic Separation

Zenith applies magnetic separation technologies to minerals with weak and strong magnetic properties, separating those with paramagnetic and diamagnetic characteristics.


Zenith supplies flotation systems used as iron concentration machine which optimise the process through close control of the solids in suspension, air rates, froth position, etc.