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Structural Analysis of Hard Rock Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a kind of crushing machinery widely used in many industries at present. With the diversification of economic development and the rapid development of infrastructure, the development of impact crusher is in full swing, such as hard rock impact crusher.

Hard rock impact crusher is composed of frame, impact device and rotor. The frame is the base of the whole machine. All parts are mounted on the frame. It consists of upper and lower parts and is welded with steel plate and section steel. Manganese steel lining plate is installed on the inner wall of the frame at both ends of the rotor. The top cover and left side wall of the frame and the two end walls constitute a semi-open upper cover that can be turned over. It is opened and closed by means of screw rod or hydraulic top, which is convenient for replacing vulnerable parts. The upper part of the right side wall of the frame has a feeding guide plate, and the lower (bottom) frame is equipped with a main bearing.

The impact device consists of a impact plate and a suspension device. The inner wall of the impact plate is provided with a serrated liner made of high wear resistant material. One end of the impact plate is articulated on the upper cover of the frame, while the middle part is suspended on the upper cover of the frame by means of a tie rod spring suspension device. The suspension device is used to adjust the size of the discharge port. When there is material that can not be broken, it can also play a protective role.

The rotor is composed of a spindle, a turntable, a plate hammer and a plate hammer. The spindle is mounted in the rolling bearings on the outer walls of both ends of the frame. The turntable is a welded structure. It is not connected with the spindle by keys, but firmly connected with the spindle by locking.

The crushing space of hard rock impact crusher is composed of feeding guide plate, two-stage impact plate and arc from the unloading point of feeding guide plate to the discharge outlet of the second-stage impact plate, which is called crushing chamber.