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Ultrafine Mill For Grinding Wet Stone Or Not

From the term of ultrafine mill, we can see that it is a kind of grinding machine, which is used to grind all kinds of materials that meet the requirements. In order to make the machine perform well in production, we should not only ensure reasonable operation, but also pay attention to the problem of feeding materials. Only materials with proper properties can be grinded. Here we want to analyze that the function can not be used. To process wet stone

Wide application of ultrafine mill

We mentioned the appropriate properties above. Although the ultrafine mill is widely used, there are many kinds of materials that can be processed, but if the properties do not meet the requirements, the production will be blocked or the wear of parts and components will increase. Therefore, when feeding, we must pay attention to the properties. Generally speaking, the properties of materials include humidity, Viscosity, hardness, size and other aspects, but for wet stone, whether this kind of mill can be used for grinding depends on whether the humidity meets the requirements of the ultrafine mill.

There are many reasons for the stone to get wet in the production engineering: affected by the weather, high humidity of the stone itself, using water for cleaning when removing impurities, etc. The results of these different reasons are the same, which is to cause blocking in the production, processing difficulties and other phenomena. Of course, if the humidity is within the production range of ultra-fine grinding machine, then it can be processed directly, no Then it needs to be treated before grinding.

How can we judge whether the humidity of wet stone exceeds the demand of the mill? In fact, this is very simple, because when different types of mills leave the factory, the nature of the materials they can process is clearly stated. When we feed the materials in production, we only need to test the moisture of the stones and then compare them. If it meets the requirements of the ultra-fine grinding machine, we can grind them, otherwise we need to dry them before feeding them, otherwise we will make them. The occurrence of blockage in production.