Marble Granite Crushing Machine

marble granite processing plant

Marble granite is widely used in Palestine and it is not only used in manufacturing construction wall space, ground, floor and so on, but also it is used to produce commemorative stele, tower and statues. But in the marble production process, it will produce lots of leftover materials. Some people process them as rubbish, but it can be used processed for further application.

For some marble granite production factory, the leftover materials will be a lot of. Among them, there are large size and smaller size. Zenith's marble granite crushing machine will process these leftover materials and then these materials will be used in high-speed road construction and building construction.

marble granite crushing machine

Marble granite belongs to the non-metal ore materials. When process the marble leftover material in Palestine, the processing machines will include jaw crusher machine, impact crusher and other crushing machine types. The last crushing and washing will need the sand making machine and vibrating screen.

Marble leftover material used impact crusher machine works, the materials from big to small will be enter into the primary, second and third crushing cavity to be crushed till the materials reaching the desired size. And then they will be discharged from the discharging port. Adjusting the space between the back frame and rotor can achieve the purpose of discharging granularity and material to change shape. The jaw crusher machine will break the marble leftover materials through the moving jaw and fixed jaw movement. The materials will be discharged from the port. It can realize the quantity production.

Screening Machine Used In marble granite processing plant

With marble granite crushing machine, the screening machine can complete the screening works independently. It will separate the large scale marble leftover material and taken them back to the crusher machine to be processed again. Its structure will be optimized and can control the discharging material size.

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