XZM Ultrafine Mill in India

First Class Technology XZM Ultrafine Mill in India

The XZM Ultrafine Mill is one of star products from Zenith. This kind of milling machine is used to get materials into desired smaller size. XZM Ultrafine Mill machine is the typical one. This machine is designed and produced with first class technology and it has been widely used in India.

This XZM Ultrafine Mill adopts the material layer grinding working principle. Materials will stay in the milling machine with less time and it can reduce the repeated grinding. The special designed grinding roller and plate will be easier to form the material layer to grind the materials into desired fine size. With the multi-wheel grinding principle, each rotor can realize frequency control. It can adjust the grinding material size in the selected range.

Small Footprint XZM Ultrafine Mill for Sale

Based on the technology development, the XZM ultrafine mill machine will save the working area compared with other traditional grinding mill machines. It belongs to the small footprint grinding mill machine. This grinding mill adopts the whole bevel gear transmission technology. It will save the installation position of the gearbox and the structure is more compact. With strong compatibility, it will reduce the failure rate.

XZM Ultrafine Mill Typical Case Used In India

Zenith's XZM ultrafine mill machine is widely used in India and here will show one typical case for learning of this kind of grinding mill machine.

  • Max feeding material size: 25-35mm
  • Capacity: 3-22tph
  • Application range: it is suitable for construction, chemical industry, metallurgical, mineral ore mining industry and coal processing industry grinding works. It can grind the mica, calcite, limestone, barite, bentonite and other materials.
  • Final end products size: 325-2500mesh

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