Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste Crusher

Recycling of construction waste

Most of the construction waste without any disposal of construction waste crusher equipment, it was transported by the construction unit to the countryside or rural areas, open storage or landfill, consuming a large amount of land acquisition fees, garbage removal and other construction funds, at the same time, lost in the process of deposition and dust, gray sand flying and other issues have caused serious environmental pollution.

  1. stacking prone to security risks.
  2. The pollution of construction waste to water resources is serious.
  3. Hydraulic lift cap, easy and convenient replacement and maintenance.
  4. Influence the air quality.
  5. Construction waste occupies land and reduces soil quality.

A lot of waste in the construction waste by sorting, removed or crushed, mostly can be used as the regenerate resources, such as scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and various accessories such as scrap metal, after sorting, concentrated and re melted, can be manufactured into various specifications of steel. Therefore, we must insist on comprehensive utilization in the construction waste disposal.

Construction waste crusher

Due to the relatively concentrated construction waste, the site is relatively limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, it is recommended to choose mobile crushing plant. According to the different manufacturing process, it can be divided into track mounted mobile crushing plant and mobile crushing plant

Construction Waste Crusher

Track Mounted Mobile Construction Waste Crusher

First put in Chinese market products is a tracked mobile crushing plant. Crushing technology and quality is advanced, each device consists of 25 basic modules, each module has the option of rich, can meet the special requirements of customers.

Crawler mobile crusher can be used for rock and ore block, asphalt concrete, building demolition materials broken cement concrete recycling.

Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant

The mobile crushing plant is a new product which is convenient to be broken up by building according to the domestic market.

Mobile Construction Waste Crusher

Combination of flexible, adaptable: a variety of crushing stations have a variety of configuration, users can also be configured according to their own needs, according to the different crushing process requirements constitute "first broken after screening", can also be composed of "first screening and crushing" process, crushing and screening can also be used alone.

Crushing station can be combined into two segments crushing and screening system according to actual demand, which can be combined into three sections of coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening system, and also can run independently, which has great flexibility.

working performance of construction waste crusher

construction waste crushing process: The transported building waste is sorted first, and the material can be broken into the vibrating screen after sorting. The primary screening equipment is divided into two parts. The coarse material on the sieve is sent into the counterattack to break further, and the broken material is removed by magnetic iron remover to block the iron substance.

construction waste crushing plant

The crushed material can also be divided into different purposes and different particle size of inorganic mixed aggregates, such as Germany in a fixed construction waste recycling plant in accordance with the standard requirements will be recycled building waste processing into 0 ~ 32mm, 0 ~ 45mm, 0 ~ 65mm inorganic composite aggregate, and can provide for special occasions, need a granular aggregate gradation requirements.

  1. The equipment is a moving crushing and screening combination, which is used for multi-stage crushing of large and large pieces of materials.
  2. Mobile crusher plant configuration is flexible, can be based on the actual site design modification or particularity of mobile crushing station, very suitable for construction waste crushing.
  3. It covers an area of small, flexible and convenient equipment, strong maneuverability, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; to conduct on-site materials instead of crushing material transported from the scene and then broken, and with the raw material mining face advancing and moving, thereby greatly reducing the material transport costs.

Prospect of construction waste crusher industry

Now, China's construction waste treatment market has entered the growth period from the introduction period, and forward to maturity. With the increasing attention to environmental problems, energy saving and environmental protection have become the development theme of various countries, and have begun to provide opportunities for industrial development of garbage disposal. Renewable resources have become a new starting point of resource recycling, and become an important part of circular economy.

Prospect of  construction waste crusher

In addition, the waste of resources and waste material recycling process, not only solves the problem of resource shortage and reduce waste emissions. The development of China's continuous introduction of policies to support the waste disposal industry, the leadership of the local governments have begun to attach great importance to the construction of municipal waste landfill, increased investment, can predict the waste treatment industry is very broad prospects.

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