HJ Series Jaw Crusher

HJ Series Jaw Crusher

Product introduction

Zenith HJ Series Jaw Crusher is the modern crusher with high-performance and designed with the comcept of high input and output. It can carry out production according to the actual needs of customers for a variety of crushing process. With large capacity but low energy consumption, it set of low-power, high capacity in one. Compared with the same specifications jaw crusher, its structure is compact and its footprint is smaller, which make it can play a greater role in the limited space.

In the process of building rubble, sand production, especially crushing the hard materials like basalt, it has a higher efficiency and lower operating costs than the traditional jaw crusher. In the beneficiation process, it can effectively reduce the particle size of ore to improve the production capacity of the production line and reducing energy consumption.


With high efficiency, good wear resistance, the crushed material maximum strength of HJ Series Jaw Crusher is up to 320MP, including iron ore, granite, basalt, quartzite, sandstone, river pebbles and so on. All of them have a very good treatment effect. At present, HJ Series Jaw Crusher already has extensive use in metal and nonmetal mines, cement, construction, sand, metallurgy, mineral processing and other industries.


  1. Higher performance and greater production. By optimized the crushing chamber and moving trajectory of movable jaw, the machine increase the production significantly in the case of the same power.
  2. Good stability. The optimized overall structure and weight section will determine the structure of the flywheel and the weight of clump weight, which have allowed the device has been greatly improved in terms of vibration.
  3. High reliability. Some components been heat treated, ensuring that the entire device is more durable. The components is including eccentric shaft, oversized bearings, E-type rack, labyrinth seals and so on.
  4. Simple operation and easy to maintenance. Advanced side protecting plate screw fixation system makes the replacement of the side fender more efficient. The reasonable structure of the machine Make it more convenient to replace the brackets and adjust the size of nesting population.This can effectively shorten the operation and maintenance time.
  5. Widely used. With smaller footprint, higher crushing efficiency, it is suitable for crushing various materials with any hardness and can play a greater role in the limited space.

Working Principle

The motor drives the host sheave through v-belt, then drive the eccentric shaft to move the jaw rotation. When the movable jaw plate move to the fixed jaw plate with the sewing jaw, the material is crushed or split into pieces. When the movable jaw plate away from the fixed jaw plate with the sewing jaw, the material crhshed is discharged from the discharge gate in the lower part of the jaw plate. As the motor rotates continuously, this crushing action is repeated and the crushing machine can crushing and nesting periodically.

Technical Data

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