Zircon Sand Making Machine

 Sand Making Machine

Zircon Sand Making Machine

Zenith's zircon sand making machine is definitely exclusive because of their crushing course of action. As opposed to almost every other kinds of crusher make use of metal components in order to break rock and roll.

Zenith zircon sand making machine takes advantage of the pebbles given into the equipment to be able to break by itself. This particular autogenous crushing process creates the best-shaped combination available on the market location nowadays.

zircon sand making machine Equipment Overview

As the Chinese government on the enhancement of consciousness, natural sand mining has limited. Mechanism of sand has been greatly developed in recent years, the trend is still strong. Mechanism of sand production enterprises on the sand making machinery more reliable set other demand is very urgent.

sand making machine

People talk about the zircon sand making machine. The vertical shaft impact crusher are often mentioned (VSI-vertical shaft impactor), have misunderstood as only the vertical shaft impact sand making machine is a mechanical device, it is not comprehensive.

All can economically and effectively processing machinery processing equipment of small 1-5 mm qualified particle gradation can be used as the sand making machinery. In the sand production line, the machines matching used with sand making machine are including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher,sand washing machine and other equipments.

Sand process consists of a series of mechanical equipment system engineering, including system sand material preparation (such as coarse, fine crushing), feeding, transportation of sieving. Sand washing and inspection, weight and product storage shipment etc.. Zircon sand making machine can maximize its work efficiency. In addition to the impact of physical property of materials, selection of the system of engineering equipment is reasonable. The process design is advanced and feasible, will produce very important influence. Therefore. In choosing the sand making machine, to create good conditions for the operation condition of sand making machine.

Working Pricinple of sand making machine

Materials are machine upper vertical fall within the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the role of the high-speed centrifugal force, and another part of the umbrella in the form of diversion of materials around the impeller produces high-speed impact crushing, the material impact upon each other, and the machine will impeller between the shell and the material forming the vortex and repeatedly hit each other, friction and grinding, discharged from the lower part of the vertical, reaching all the required finished size by sieving device control.

sand making machine Working Pricinple

Since the first part of the material with the impact of income falling broken by sub-feeder around, and then went to the impact on the vortex branch cavity lining material, the top layer is the material rebound oblique impact on the whirl chamber, but also to change its direction of motion , deflected downward movement, the material emitted from the impeller to form a continuous material curtain. Such a material in the whirl crushing cavity by two or even several times the probability of impact, friction and grinding crushing effect. The material to be broken by the lower row of the discharge port. In breaking down the whole process, the material on their own mutual impact crusher, not in direct contact with the metal components, but the impact of the occurrence and lining materials, friction and grinding, which reduces the angle of pollution, to extend the mechanical wear and tear of time.

zircon sand making machine Application

The broken plastic, this series of sand making machine is suitable for soft or hard and super hard materials, widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum where soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag, especially for silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, beautiful sand high hard, and very hard abrasive resistant material than other types of crusher yield higher efficiencies.

 Sand Making Machine

In the field of engineering, is an ideal production equipment, the mechanism of sand cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate.

In the mining sector, is widely used in grinding the preceding process, it can produce a lot of powder ore grinding load, reduce the high cost of.

Due to the low wear characteristics of the series of zircon sand making machine is excellent, the device has high abrasion and disintegration of production by two times. In addition, because of the product zero pollution, impact crusher function well adapted to the glass quartz sand and other high purity material production, 10-500t/h production capacity range, impact crusher can almost meet any production requirements.

Features And Benefits

  1. Sophisticated twice pump motor essential oil oiling system reduce the actual maintenance rate of recurrence.
  2. Higher accuracy curler showing, smooth significant product operating, as well as prolonged services time period.
  3. Hydraulic elevate cover, easy and effortless alternative and also routine maintenance.
  4. More than vibrations security alarm method.
  5. Unique particles evidence seal off program, outdoors natural powder is actually avoided out of getting into nozzles.
  6. Special serving program, change among main giving as well as main giving along with stream feeding would make "rock on rock" as well as "rock on iron" possible, each and every crushing and framing are usually achieved.
  7. Specific materials chuck head design as well as sensible materials option extend the actual services time period.

Technical Data

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