XCF/KYF Series Flotation Machine

XCF/KYF Series Flotation Machine

XCF/KYF Series Flotation Machine

In common, Zenith XCF/KYF series flotation machine flotation strategy is really a continuing procedure with a number of fish tanks, a large number of tank flotation machine connection, including toughing, scavenging, concentration operations. The application of flotation protection equipment should satisfy the pursuing requirements regarding equipment and procedures, differs components tend to be extensive as well as undamaged.


XCF/KYF series flotation select higher grade concentrate from low grade ore successfully. It really is broadly used for copper, lead, zinc, nickel, molybdenum, gold and also other non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals roughing, concentration and flotation operations. Specially for fine disseminated and complicated composition ore, working with this series flotation machine can get greater separation effect.

Working course of action

Equipment function generally accomplishes the desired aeration rate. Motor drives impeller rotating by way of belt and pulley. Around the one hand, the equipment inhaled adequate air combined with slurry, on the other hand, stirring the mixture of pulp and pharmaceutical. Simultaneously, refinement of the bubble, the particles adhere to the bubbles around the role of reagents and float for the slurry surface. So it the formation of mineralized froth layer and scraped from the scraper.

Technical Data

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