Calcite Grinder Milling Plant Machine


Calcite Grinder Milling Plant Machine

Calcite is commonly used for chemical industry, cement and other industrial raw materials. Calcite can be used as flux in the metallurgical industry. In the construction industry, calcite can be used to produce cement and lime. Calcite also can be used in the production of plastic, paper, toothpaste. In food, it is used as additive. Adding calcite ingredients in glass production, the glass becomes translucent and particularly applicable to be used as glass lamp shade.

The Open Pit Mining Of Calcite

In a word, calcite has widely very high economic values in practice. With the widely applications of calcite, the mining of calcite is very popular as well in the world. There are many different methods for calcite mining, such as open pit mining, underground mining and so on. For the different methods of calcite mining, machines that are needed are not the same. Many types of mining machines can be used for processing calcite.

Grinding Mill Machines For Calcite Processing

Grinding mill machines are the very common mining equipment in the stones processing plants. These machines can process stones into powders with different fineness. Grinding mill machines can be divided into such types: vertical pendulum pulverizer, ball mill, hanging roller mill, high pressure micro powder mill, hammer mill, straight through the centrifugal mill, overpressure trapezium mill, three-ring medium speed mill and so on. These types of grinding mill machines can be used for mining various kinds of stones.


Grinding mill machine is generally composed of blower, the analysis of host, finished product cyclone separator, plumbing, electrical, etc. the host of grinding mill machine consists of frame, wind volute, the shovel, grinding roller and grinding ring, cover and the motor. It can be cooperated with jaw crusher, winnowing pan hoist, electromagnetic vibration feeding machine, electric control cabinet, etc. The user can choose these machines flexibly according to working site condition.

Special features of Calcite Grinder Milling Plant Machine

  • 1. High efficiency, 0.5-12 t/h
  • 2. Long lifecycle of spare parts. The ring and roller are forged by special material with high utilization.
  • 3. High safety and reliability. As no rolling bearings or screws in grinding cavity, there are no problems caused by bolts shedding or rapid wear of bearings and seal components.
  • 4. High fineness and flexible adjustment. 325-2500 meshes (47-5 microns) adjusted.
  • 5. Environment-friendly. The application of pulse bag filter and muffler greatly alleviates dust pollution and noise.
  • 6. Advanced intelligent speed control device. Convenient adjusting, more uniform particle size.

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