Kaolin Sand Processing Plant


kaolin Sand Deposit

Kaolin deposits occuring in sedimentary rocks are generally classified as secondary or sedimentary. Some may have formed by the transportation and deposition of kaolin formed elsewhere. However, diagenetic and weathering processes appear to play an important role in the in situ formation and modification of sedimentary koalins. Deposits often contain in excess of 60% kaolin. Lower concentrations occur in kaolin sand, formed by the in situ alteration of feldspathic sandstones.

Kaoline Sand Processing Operation

The two principle objectives of kaolin sand processing are the removal of impurities and the production of desired particle size distribution. Air floated kaolins are produced for low grade applications. However, most kaolin is processed by wet classification involving the separation of fine platy kaolin from coarser quartz, feldspar and mica.

Althrough kaolin is concentrated in the fine fraction, the mineral also occurs in the coarser size fractions. Treatment of centrifuge underflow by ultraflotation recovers coarse kaolin, which after sand grinding produces filler or coating grade clays depending on residence times. Operation of sand grinding in closed circuit with a hydrocyclone results in products with well controlled particle sizes.

kaolin Sand Processing Plant

Zenith is world leading supplier and manufacturer of crushing and processing plant. We developed complete range of kaolin sand processing plant for sale, including crushing machine, grinding mill, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, separation machine etc.

Crushing Machine

Crushing is the first stage in kaolin sand processing operation, it produces fine particle size and prepares for further processing. Zenith provides complete series of kaolin crushing machine for sale.


Kaolin Grinding Process

According to kaolin production final applications, tertiary size reduction is important, it is generally processed in grinding process by means of ball mill, roller mill, or pebble mills, which are often combined with air separators. Screening commonly is accomplished by two or more multi-stage sloping vibrating screens. Vibrating grate dryers are used for drying clay materials. At most plants that calcine clay, rotary or flash calciners are used. Grinding mill is crucial equipment in kaolin powder production line.

  • 1. Jaw Crusher
  • 2. Impact Crusher
  • 3. Cone Crusher
  • 4. Gyratory Crusher
  • 5. Portable Crusher

Grinding Mill

We design and manufacture a comprehensive line of grinding mills for mining, industrial minerals industry for both wet and dry grinding systems. These grinding plant is available in stationary and mobile style, including ball mill, raymond mill, high pressure mill, ultrafine mill, vertical roller mill etc.

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