Quartzite Grinding Production Line


Overview of Production Line

Quartz is a widely distributed mineral in quartz minerals. Its main component is silicon dioxide. Its physical and chemical properties are very stable. It is the main raw material for producing quartz sand. It is also the refractory material for quartz and the raw material for firing ferrosilicon. In addition, it is widely used in glass, ceramics, optics and other fields. The quartz grinding production line has applied new and modern technology. It can make full use of energy resources in the production process, give full play to its performance advantages, and make the whole production process achieve low investment and high income. It is a reasonable and advanced high-efficiency process flow in the grinding production line market at present.

Technological process

The whole production process of quartz grinding production line mainly includes four processes: crushing, grinding, grading and collecting. The natural quartz material is fed into jaw crusher for crushing operation, and the crushed quartz material is crushed into granularity which meets the feeding requirements of Raymond mill. The crushed quartz material is sent to silo by hoist, waiting for grinding. Quartz material in silo is evenly and continuously fed into Raymond mill by electromagnetic vibration feeder for grinding operation. Quartz material is ground into powder by grinding roll in the machine. Quartz material after grinding operation is blown to separator under the action of blower for sorting. Quartz powder that is not qualified is classified by high-efficiency separator. Return to Raymond mill to grind again. Qualified material enters the dust collector for separation and collection. The finished product is discharged through the powder tube.

Process Advantage

The quartz grinding production line is set up by our company with advanced configuration technology. It has the advantages of large capacity, strong production capacity, less energy consumption, long service life and less equipment failure rate.

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