Small Portable Rock Crusher Supplier


Small Portable Rock Crusher

Small portable rock crusher machine is designed to be convenient for clients’ specific operation. As a professional supplier, Zenith can provide the advanced small portable rock crusher machine for sale. You can learn more information from the following content.This small portable rock crusher plant machine will work in one unit and it has strict space layout.

Small Portable Rock Crusher Parameter

  • Max feeding size: 240mm
  • Final end products size: 18-40mm
  • Single machine capacity: 50-300tph

Working Feature of Portable Cone Crusher

 It will optimize the working site space and eliminate the complicate base installation works. This machine is equipped with advanced single machines. It can single machine work and also can cooperate with other machine work. With strong adaptability, it can meet clients’ mobility crushing, screening requirements and reduce the costs.

With light and reasonable design, reasonable design, it has great crushing performance and stable final products quality. It can largely meet the coarse the fine crushing requirements. An on-board traction can realize the onsite working. It will save the transportation stages and reduce the operation costs. It is the on-board traction and it will have small radius of turning circle. It can freely move on the ordinary road and mountain roads.


Four Prominent Advantages

  1. Super crushing force: it is designed and produced for fine crushing and hard materials. It is the invincible opponent for hard materials;
  2. One-stop processing technology: it will overcome the complicated working site environment and the materials do not need to be transported. It is convenient for movable. One plant is one production line;
  3. Convenient mobility: there is no limit for working site base. It is very convenient for move. It will reduce the material, working time consumption;
  4. Convenient transportation: the transportation size totally meets standard and it is very convenient, fast and stable.


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