Cone Crusher Price In China

Cone Crusher Price In China

Cone Crusher Price In China

Cone crusher is in an important position for the final stage in the ore crushing production line,and is the key equipment of the ore dressing plant. In recent years, due to the market changes and demand, in China, whether crusher manufacturer or crusher user, all have generated interest about the cone crusher. First,introduce the foreign advanced cone crusher. Then digest and absorb, thereby enabling innovation, become the current focus on the content of the crusher industry.

In China, the type of cone crusher can be roughly divided into spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone breaker two types and different type cone crusher price in china also different.

spring cone crusher

Domestic cone crusher is designed based on the imitation of spring crusher made by the former Soviet Union in 1954. In 1958, designed and manufactured large type spring cone crusher. Repeated research and practice after so many years, to create a new cone overcome the old series spring cone crusher shortcomings of crusher, for example, low intensity of spring pressure is insufficient and some defects of spare parts. With five specifications and 14 new spring cone crusher cavity type were received recognition at home and abroad.

cone crusher

hydraulic cone crusher

In the 70's of the last century, began the development of bottom horizontal bar and multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher at home. After many draw lessons from foreign advanced technology and sum up the experiences of the customer, eventually developed a type of bottom hydraulic cone crusher with 12 types cavity, and with 4 types cavity of multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

With the development of the society, the iron and steel company and sand industry, even water and electricity engineering industry were gradually introduced the most advanced hydraulic cone crusher in at that time. Until today, the domestic crusher manufacturers have hundreds, Shanghai area alone there are dozens of crusher manufacturers, therefore the domestic crusher industry boom and cone crusher market competition is intense.

This is all about the history of cone crusher in china, we hope can help you. If you want to know the crusher price or any questions, please contact us at any time.

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