Clay Brick Manufacturing Plant

Ball Mill Application Introduction

Ball mill is the widely used powder milling machine at present. Depending on the different production scale and conditions, there are different specification ball mill machines for clients' production lines. In the clay brick manufacturing plant, the ball mill machine is especially widely used. In the actual clay production line, the ball mill is divided into two kinds of working ways: dry grinding and wet grinding.

Wet Ball Mill Used In clay brick manufacturing plant

In clay brick manufacturing plant, the wet ball mill will need add the liquid grinding media as the additive in the grinding process. The discharging port is equipped with the screw device inside the machine. It is very convenient for discharging materials.

Wet ball grinding mill is with high efficiency, the grinding of uniform particles, no dust flying, and low noise. Because the particles in the process of ball mill, large particles under the effect of ball mill grinding medium and impact, can appear crack, crack propagation over time will break into small particles, called fine grinding process. If it is a dry grinding, so particles crack propagation in the process of ball mill, ball mill ball or the particles between the extrusion and forming crack is likely to be squeezed closed, crack cannot effectively expand, larger particles cannot fast fracture form small particles, but if it is wet, so the liquid ball mill medium, would be the formation of the crack aperture, blocking the crack closure, which would effectively makes the rapid expansion of crack down, will greatly improve the efficiency of ball mill. But after wet milling of the powder dry to remove water or other liquid medium, and thus can increase the energy consumption and costs.

clay brick manufacturing plant Manufacturer

As a professional ball mill machine manufacturer, Zenith can provide the MQ series ball mill machine for sale used in clay brick manufacturing plant. Our MQ series ball mill machine can work with dry method and wet method. You can consult Zenith to get the desired information about the ball grinding mill machine through online.

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