Fly Ash Grinding Mill

Less Investment High Efficient Fly Ash Grinding Mill

When a client chooses the fly ash grinding mill, they will choose the less investment and high efficient grinding mill as the main working machine. As a professional milling machine manufacturer, Zenith can provide the less investment high efficient fly ash grinding mill for sale.

Our LM vertical roller mill machine combines the crushing, drying, grinding, grading transmission into one organic whole. This grinding mill has simple system and it has compact layout. It covers an area of about 50% of the ball mill system, and can be open to decorate, so can reduce the investment cost a lot.

LM Vertical Roller Mill Used In fly ash grinding plant

In the whole system of fly ash grinding plant, the preparation of pulverized coal is the most important link. Raw coal processed to form the pulverized coal quality determines the operational efficiency of the system. Because of the high pulverized coal demand, production is big, ordinary coal mill can meet the requirements. So, more and more customers to focus on the LM series vertical roller mill in fly ash grinding plant.

Customer Benefits with Fly Ash Grinding Mill

  1. Used directly on the grinding at the mill rolling grinding materials, low energy consumption, and the ball mill system compares and economizes 30% ~ 40% of energy consumption;
  2. This fly ash grinding mill used in fly ash grinding processing line can control when the larger material moisture content into the wind temperature, make the products meet the requirements of the final moisture. In the vertical roller mill can dry up to 15% of the moisture content material, wide application range. Even the dry ball mill can only dry moisture 3% - 3% of the material;
  3. The time duration of coal in roll grinding only 2-3 minutes and in the ball mill tends to 15 to 20 minutes. So the fly ash grinding mill product chemical composition and fineness can quickly determine correction, and stable quality;
  4. fly ash grinding mill in the work roller and mill don't direct contact, no ball mill clang, little vibration, low noise, 20-25 dB lower than the ball mill. Fly ash grinding mill adopts full sealing system, the system under the negative pressure operation, no dust, and clean environment.

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