Solid Mineral Mining Equipment

Solid Mineral Resources in Thailand

Solid mineral resources in Thailand can be divided into three types: the fuel mining, metal and non-metallic mineral. The fuel resources include natural gas, oil, coal and oil shale. The metal ore mineral includes tin, tungsten, antimony, lead, manganese, iron, zinc, copper and molybdenum, nickel, chromium and uranium, thorium, etc. The nonmetal mineral in Thailand includes fluorite, barite, gypsum, rock salt, phosphate, kaolin, graphite, asbestos, limestone, marble and so on.

To process these mineral resources, it will need a series solid mineral mining equipment: crusher, grinding mill and the beneficiation machine. In powder production line, the solid mineral grinding mill for sale is the important one.

Get To Know solid mineral mining equipment

As a professional solid mineral mining equipment manufacturer, Zenith has produced a series of machines used in mineral ore processing line for sale. Trapezium grinding mill is one of them. This kind of grinding mill machine adopts the new type curved duct, the surface of the shovel, gear transmission, internal thin oil lubrication, and air classification regulation these new patented technology. In the actual production line, it can be estimated that it has higher grinding ability than the ordinary Raymond mill machine.

Working Performance of solid mineral Grinding Mill

  • For three-dimensional structure, cover an area of an area small, systemic strong, from the rough machining of raw materials to delivery to the milling and the final packaging, the trapezium grinding mill used in Thailand can form an independent production system;
  • With uniform final products fineness, sieve rate 99%, this is other solid mineral mining equipment is difficult to have;
  • Small dust pollution, low noise;
  • Electric system adopts centralized control; milling workshop basic can achieve unattended operation, and convenient maintenance;
  • The important parts adopt high quality steel, wear-resistant parts adopt high-performance wear-resistant materials, whole machine high wear-resisting performance, and reliable operation.

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